We have been offering printing services for over 25 years particularly specializing in redacting reprint editions. From photographing, to photo processing, to plate imaging - we do all of these internally. The in-house, uniform color processing system and many years of experience are our guarantee for producing true-to-life appearance of original books.Over 10 years ago, we introduced the idea of publishing facsimiles in Hungary. There are huge differences between manufacturing lookalikes and facsimiles. While reprints are first and foremost made for practical usage and are less well crafted, facsimiles demand the highest attention to detail (binding, materials, colors), adhering to the even highest standard of bibliophiles by accurately reproducing the original documents.

After lots of planning and trials, on October 21, 2008 we published the facsimile of the 1518 "Janus Pannonius: Sylva Panegyrica ad Guarinum Veronensem... Janus Panno­nius bishop of Pécs laudatory song to his Veronian master, Guarino" commissioned by the bishop of Pécs for the re-burial of Janus Pannonius.

Nearly a year after, on November 13, 2009 we published our very own facsimile of 1499 Missal of Pécs.
Of course we are willing to work on the handling facsimile publications of other publishing companies as well, may that be just the printing preparations or the complete publication of a work.

In addition to publishing, my colleagues and I are constantly working on digitizing documents from records offices, archives, and libraries.
Our equipment is mobil, therefore we can work in any location. In 2018 we finished the processing of rare items of the Franciscan Library in Csíksomlyó. Every book was photographed in its original locations - in Csíksomlyó at the monastery or in Csíkszereda at the Szekler Museum of Ciuc. We have the capacity to quickly process large volumes of documents with scanners (30,000 pages/day) as well as special, valuable documents with the necessary, quality photographing equipment.

After digitization, we offer indexing services as well. With OCR technology that can recognize characters from over 100 languages, we can provide an editable file at the end of processing.